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Swissdepil body

Inexpensive but effective method large areas with fine hair like legs or arms with mittens. A rough surface is used to buff away hair at the skin surface. Use small circular movements and gentle pressure to smooth the surface of your skin.

Also called Friction Mitts or Sleeves

During the last years the hair removal pads have been developed a lot, and work much better than before. Try to avoid the cheapest brands, since they tend to give poor results and irritate the skin.
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Legs and arms
Face (smaller version)

Inexpensive, fast, painless, can be done at home or on travel
Available widely
Exfoliates and smooth skin

Rubbing too hard may cause skin irritation

Do not use on irritated or damaged skinMany types can be used wet or dry
Use gently on face, underarm or bikini area
Some use it between shaving and waxing sessions
Skin should be clean and dry before using the hair removal pad. Select an area of skin surface of the size of the pad. Use circular movements and pressure to smooth the surface of your skin. Without lifting the pad, change the direction of the circular movement until the hair is gone. Do not stroke up and down or press too much. If you rub too intensely, the skin gets irritated. Follow up with a mild lotion.
You can wash the mitt in water to maintain its effectiveness.
Never use a hair removal pad on damaged skin. If an irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Swissdepil body